Rala PTFE pillows

PTFE Pillow Set. Pillows are designed to be used in those hard to reach places to provide the user with full flexibility when transferring products. There are 4 standard pillow sizes,( 38 x 38cm, 40 x 14cm ,25 x 25cm, 15 x 15cm) one full platten size, one for sleeves, one for pockets and beanie hats and one for BP area prints. Positive Selling Points: a Pillow for every area to transfer adults and children&s items + much more. Sold as a full set of four items at a competitive price. Four standard sizes completes the full set. Can be used multiple times, has an extreme lifespan and temperature resistance measured in years.

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4 PTFE pillows designed for aiding in heat pressing unusal shapes and sized products



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