Image Armor E-Series DTG Ink

The Image Armor E-SERIES Direct to garment inks for all the Epson re-purposed printers to the UK Europe. These inks have changed the industry with a TRUE 35 second white ink cure on black shirts with improved durability in the wash. The Image Armor E-SERIES inks keep the capping station and wipers clean while providing better coverage and whiter whites. Who can use Image Armor, the list below is taken directly from the Image Armor website and shows the compatable DTG printers that can benefit from this ink.Printing onto dark polyester is now possible with the Image Armor inks using the Ultra pre-treatment. After many tests we feel that polyester printing with these inks is now suitable for some workwear. High viz tabards, polo shirts and many others benefit from the increased durability and low cure times.Printer usage information available here.If you would like advice on changing over to Image Armor products and howto set it up please contact InstructionsWashable at 40 degrees. Provides long lasting color and print quality after multiple washes

35 Second heat cure High level washability Excellent print qualityResolute DTG have been working with Image Armor for many months, testing has included high production beta site printing around the clock using different DTG printers and curing methods. The 35 second cure time is genuine with the durability in the wash on a par with with traditional water based screen printing.FabricDTG Ink


Black, Cyan, Magenta, White, Yellow


1L, 250M

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